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Hello, welcome back to my blog! I just arrived home and are you ready for another product review? YESS!

So few weeks ago, Clozette Indonesia sent me several products from SPA ESSENTIA. FYI, Spa Essentia is a product for your body with a mixture of natural ingredients that are useful for the face, body and hair.

Should i just go through one by one?

1. Skin Refiner Face Milk Cleanser

Skin Refiner Face Milk Cleanser contains avocado oil that proved as an effective treatment for acnes
and blackheads. Vitamin E is able to block free radicals from our body and also Aprikol Kernel Oil
can make our face skin smoother. This cleanser is able to remove all dirt on our face.

As you can see, the texture of Skin Refiner Face Milk Cleanser is like lotion with white color. It really soft and smell like spices. Not a fan of spices smell, but it still okay for me.
I use this cleanser every morning before go to work and evening after work. Well, for me, it doesn't really work when it comes to remove my daily makeup. But, honestly, i feel relaxed after using this, maybe because of the smell. I feel like doing spa by myself at my home.

For the price of this Skin Refiner Face Milk Cleanser is IDR 120.900 (100 ml).

+ Cute packaging, especially for travelling

+ Smell good for you who love traditional or spices smell
+ Soft texture

- The smell is maybe too strong for some people
- Kinda pricey for 100 ml
- Not really able to remove my daily makeup

2. Skin Refiner Face and Eye Day Lotion 

A moisturizing lotion that contains wheat protein oil, UV protectant, vitamin E oil, chamomile extract, geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil, rose essential oil, patchouli essential oil, and orange essential oil.
Wheatgerm (wheat protein) that's lightweight and sinks right into the skin, it nourishes as it regenerate and heal scars, contains natural SPF which protects you from the sun rays. Geranium reduces scars, lavender that acts as anti-bacterial, reduces sebum and scarring, rose promotes beautiful complexion as it gives a healthy and youthful appearance, patchouli reduces appearance of aging and tighten skin, and orange acts as a natural skin brightener.

First thing of this lotion that attract me is the packaging. The glass bottle and silver pump. I really love this packaging and it really easy for us to measure the amount of lotion. The texture is soft with white color and easy to absorb into skin. You may use this lotion all over your face and around your eyelid or under eye. Avoid direct contact with eye. 
The price is IDR 149.900.

+ Love the packaging!
+ Absorb fast into skin
+ Moisturizes the skin

- The smell is maybe too strong for some people
- Pricey

3. Skin Refiner Body Moisturizer

This is a body moisturizer with vitamin E that help to moisturizes and maintain your skin elasticity. Vitamin B5 as UV protectant will protect your skin from direct sunlight and Aprikot Kernel Oil will make your skin look younger because of antioxidants and anti-irritant.

The texture of this moisturizer is soft with white color also. It absorb fast too into skin. Because it contains UV Protection, absolutely you don't need to worry if you are doing outdoor activities.
How about us who always stay in an air-conditioned room? You also don't have to worry since this moisturizer will help you to moisturizes and maintain your skin elasticity. Dry skin, NO MORE!
The price is IDR 100.000 (100 ml).

+ Absorb fast into skin
+ Good smell, not too strong
+ Moisturize my skin

- Kinda pricey for 100 ml

4. Skin Refiner Body Scrub

Skin Refiner Body Scrub is a natural body scrub that will make your body smoother because it contains Vitamin E as antioxidants and anti-aging to your skin. It also contains Avocado Seeds that will remove dead skin cells and stimulates skin cell regeneration.

The texture is similar with other body scrub. The color is brown and the smell is pretty strong, another spices smell. Skin is really soft after using this scrub. The price is IDR 100.000 (100 ml).

+ Really soft
+ Able to remove dead skin

- The smell is too strong

5. Skin Refiner Face Scrub

This is a natural face scrub that will make your face younger by vitamin E that works as natural moisturizers, the charmomile extract also makes your skin smoother by stimulates cell regeneration.

The texture and the color are similar to body scrub. The smell is kinda strong too. The packaging is super small, only 40 ml. But it really easy to carry especially for travelling. The price is IDR 99.900 (40 ml).

+ Packaging is suit for travelling
+ Soft skin result

- Smell is too strong
- Pricey

Owkay! That's all for today review. If you are interested with these products, you can purchase them from their website www.spaessentia.com. Hope you enjoy my mini review, and see you on my next post! Once again thank you Clozette Indonesia and Spa Essentia, major love!



Modern Ethnic

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Happy Monday Happy People!
Who loves Monday? I guess almost all people really hate Monday. Back to school, back to work, back to reality, wake up early, catch up with traffic jam. Everyone wants to skip this day. Some quotes say "Dear Monday, I want to break up"
Me myself, sometimes also hate Monday. I wish i could get back my weekend. No need to set morning alarm, no need morning shower, sleep all day, curl up in bed. But these days i realized, why do you hate Monday? Monday didn't do something wrong. Monday is a brand new day. It stands for new opportunities. Another quote says "People who hate Mondays, don't hate Mondays. They hate their jobs."
I can relate. If you don't love your job, you will not enjoy it. So, pick your dream job, do what you love, and you'll love Monday as you love your job. Do work you love and Monday will feel great!
Yay It's Monday, Don't Forget to Shine! Time for a new outfit post! 

Just a quick outfit post. I wore asymmetric batik top and pair it with jeans and wedges to make it looks modern chic. The top is super love, i really love the style, motif, and color! 

Batik Top : The Rosemary
Wedges : Little Thing She Needs



Vitalis Eau De Cologne White Empress

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Good morning good people, welcome back to my blog ^^
So, many of my followers on Instagram asked me to post about Vitalis campaign to my blog, so here i'm gonna share it with you, hope you enjoy today' post!

Jadi, minggu lalu, Clozette ID dan Vitalis mengirimkan Vitalis Eau De Cologne White Empress yang merupakan varian ekslusif parfume Vitalis yang memberikan sensasi aroma yang mewah dari floral green, aroma bunga jasmine, lily, cyclamen dan sentuhan lembut musk dan cedarwood. Scent nya gimana ya? Tentunya harumnya glamour, feminim, dan elegan. Cocok banget buat kita yang suka harum mewah tapi tidak berlebihan. 
Selain itu, packagingnya juga ekslusif. Botolnya dari kaca yang tentunya tebal dan tutup nya seperti kristal. Jangan khawatir takut pecah, karena kemarin waktu photo shoot, aku ga sengaja nyenggol botolnya dan jatuh ke lantai, kaget takut pecah, eh ternyata aman tentram sentosa hehehe
Tapi ya jangan dibanting juga ya, namanya kaca pasti bisa pecah juga. 

Nah kebetulan, Vitalis lagi ngadain kontes foto #VitalisEmpresion yang hadiahnya tentu tidak sedikit. Hadiahnya puluhan juta rupiah loh! Nah aku juga join nih kontesnya, siapa tau beruntung bisa jadi winner, he he. Untuk detail lombanya, bisa buka link instagram mereka ya disini https://www.instagram.com/pesonavitalis/

Hari minggu kemarin, akhirnya aku memutuskan buat foto. Aku pakai white long dress gitu sama tiara biar kayak queen atau princess gitu. Sesuai temanya, kan parfumnya itu mewah, luxury dan juga elegan. Langsung saja ya kita cusss ke foto-fotonya, semoga pada suka ^^

Spray spray all over my palace, ups i mean my body >.<

Let me take you to see my palace (i wish), hehe

Lucu kan istana nya? hihi
Sekarang mau ajak kalian buat liat depan istananya, yuk!

🎵Tale as old as time, True as it can be🎵

Nah usai sudah ceritaku hari ini bermain di istana. Oh ya, all photos were taken by my boyfie hehe. Thank you for your support, love! 

Tiara by : Bridesmate_
Long Dress by : Chocochips
Heels by : Zalora ID



How To Style Your Old Sleeveless Dress in 3 Ways

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Good morning good people! Happy Monday to all of you, wish you have a good day.
Jadi, hari ini, aku akan share another outfit post untuk kalian, tapi kali ini sedikit berbeda dari biasanya. Apa bedanya?

Kalau biasanya aku cuman post foto outfit of the day aja, di post kali ini, aku mau ngasih sedikit tips untuk kalian semua cara memakai dress tanpa lengan dengan style yang berbeda. Di post ini, aku pakai an old sleeveless dress yang aku beli 1 tahun lalu. Honestly, aku agak bosan makai dress ini dan kemarin sempat berniat mau jual atau disibahkan. Tapi, setelah dilihat-lihat, sayang juga mau lepas dress ini. Maka dari itu, aku coba beberapa style berbeda memakai dress ini biar aku nya juga ga bosan.

Should i just start? >.<

1. Sweet Look

As you can see, ini dressnya. Motif garis-garis biru putih. Di look pertama ini, aku coba ga mainin di dressnya, tapi aku coba bermain di aksesoris, seperti headband dan anting-anting yang warnanya senada. Untuk membuat lebih sweet dan berbeda, aku gulung rambutku a.k.a cepol biar antingnya juga keliatan. You can pair it with sneaker or even heels. Disini aku pasangkan dengan sneaker NB aku yang warnanya juga senada. Kalau ada sneaker putih juga pasti matching. 

Jadi untuk Sweet Look ini, kalau kalian punya dress tapi kalian bosan makainya, tipsnya coba deh pakai aksesoris, headband atau bisa juga kamu ikat rambut dan pakai aksesoris rambut yang chic. 

2. Sporty Look

Nah, my second look itu temanya sporty. Siapa bilang pakai dress itu kesannya feminim dan girly aja? No No! Pair it with sneaker, cap and jacket, you go girl!

Untuk Sporty Look, tips dari aku, pakailah sneaker! That's the key supaya terkesan sporty. Tambah pakai topi juga pasti cucok.

3. Geek Look

Nah, last but not least, Geek Look! Bergaya ala kutu buku, why not? Karena dressnya tanpa lengan, kalian bisa juga tambahin dalaman. Oh iya, ini juga menjadi tips untuk kalian yang punya lengan besar (well, like me). Kalau ada suka baju/dress tapi ga berlengan dan malu diliat orang, tip ini berguna banget loh. Kalau dress ini, aku pakai shirt putih polos untuk dalamannya. To make it look geek, pakai kacamata deh. 

Jadi untuk last look ini, tipsnya tambahin dalaman. Bisa kemeja or even kaos will work. Bisa di pair pakai sneaker, heels or even flat shoes. Yuk cobain!

Anting-anting UGH ini dari Hypephoria! Go check their collection yuk.

Well that's all for today. Gimana tipsnya? Simple kan but trust me it really works. Aku jadi udah ga bosan deh sama dress ini. Kalau kalian pilih style yang mana?
Okay guys, see you di post berikutnya ya dan tunggu untuk tips-tips lainnya dari aku, xoxo.