7:17 PM

hello! happy wednesday guys ^^
hmm.. i don't know what i have to post, actually this week is our buffer week in college (yes, we will have final exam from next Monday) oh God! really lazy to start study TT__TT
and you know what? buffer week means nothing to do. hm. don't feel like doin anything, include shopping. i wanna save my money, because i have so many plans to buy in Indonesia. yes! december is coming, and it means that i'll back to my lovely country soon. 

okay, now, i wanna share to you about one of my hobbies. 
yesterday, i opened this site : http://www.xiaoxizhang.com/
i know this blog from her lookbook. yes, she is a fashion blogger and fashion illustrator. amazing right? hmm, i love her illustration pictures and of course, her style too. omg! really!

 (i took from her lookbook: Nancy Zhang)

really cute right? for more pictures of her, you can open it from her lookbook, or her blog hehee :)

actually, i like drawing too. but, i can't draw people. i just can draw like doodles, animals (in cartoon). i really want can draw the human. i tried, but, always poor. maybe the feet were too big, really, that's really hard x(

my friends taught me how to draw people. they can draw it TT__TT
really envy, huaaaaaaaaa
and these are some pictures from them

(by: Putri Amalia )

i don't know why they can draw anime like that. huaaaaaaa. i want that skill too TT__TT

now, i wanna share mine. doddles. i know doodles from Putri Amalia. she gave me some information about it. then, i tried to draw. hm, actually i drew these pictures when i already in KL. but, i started draw doodle in senior high school ;)
some of my pictures inspired by some images from google, then i combine with my own creations ;)

(my cover book, i bought it in carefour KL, it has 6 different colour papers)

and the last one, in last page of my book, my friend drew it for me hahahhahaa

hey! tomorrow is 1st December!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
i love decemberrrr so much! 


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  1. really? hehe thankyou. but i think, they're still bad. i need to practice more x(

  2. doodle nya kamu yg gambar ce? lucuuuu

  3. hehehee iyabos. tp skrg rsa koler bos hndk mnggmbr lg -_-