it's CUTE~

2:09 AM

hello! this is me again! hahahaa
how's your day? 
you know, this is the greatest weekend for me
i had collected all of my college assignments hohohooo
see ya next time assignments, and it means that final exam is right in the corner
come to mama hey you, final exam. i wish all the best for my assignments and exams results this semester.
by the way, my final exams will start from 4th December 2011, and now is buffer week. actually, holiday and buffer week are the same for me LOL. 
December is getting closer. December is the best month in my life, i love december much. i have long long holidays from that month until january next year. what a life! haahhahaa
december? wooooo i will go back to my hometown, South Borneo, Indonesia, on this 21st December.
i really miss my family, i really miss Indonesian foods, i really miss all of my friends there, i really miss my bedroom, my house (actually not mine, my parent's house LOL), i really miss my dolls, i really miss my clothes there, really miss my accesories, my shoes, my bags, my my my and many other things of mine :D
i love CHRISTMAS! we'll make christmas party together, pray together, go to church together, tell stories and jokes, laugh together, and kiss and hug my parents on their cheeks (best moments) 

oh yaa, i just found something cute about fashion. i love fashion. 
i opened willabelle ong's blog and TARAAAA woww, how cute!
open this site :

i love her fashion so much. thats really really over cute and great
i like her face too, she's really cute and beautiful 
her photos are very nice
and i love these photos of  WILLABELLE ONG 

and her boots, ohh they are really cute and nicee TT__TT

does anyone want to buy those boots for me? hahahahahahaha


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