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8:29 AM

Oh my God, thank youu so much because you hearing my prayer.
I can open my blog again, actually from last night, I don’t know what happen with my internet connection, I couldn’t open my blog. Huft.

Now with me again! Hahahhaa
I just got back from hanging out with my roommate (Christianti Karmelia Kuhon) and my  best friend from same senior high school (Olivia Adinda Putri). How lucky I am, have friends like them.
Today is a long long day for us. Actually, Olivia asked us to accompany her to buy DSLR Camera. She wanted to buy that thing from a few weeks ago, and we promised to accompany her to buy that when we’re in buffer week.
And today is the right time, because she only had one class in the morning. So after she came from college, she went to our house, and we went to Lowyat (an electronic mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). Today, i wore a shirt from Insight, a short from Cotton On, Cardigan from Cotton On, and shoes from a random shop in Kuala Lumpur, i love the design so much >.<

When we arrived there, we went to several different camera shops to ask the price. Actually, Olivia was confused to choose which camera that she had to buy, one is a bit more expensive, heavier, and more suitable for photographer, and the other is the camera which according to the camera sellers, more suitable for students. Actually Olivia is a student, not a photographer.
Suddenly, she told us that she didn’t bring her money, because actually, today, she just want ask about the price. Oh my goodness, I thought that she want to buy that directly. But because she was afraid if the price of that camera will be more expensive, she decided to call her mom to ask what she should do now and what type of camera that she had to buy. Then, one more thing happened again. She didn’t have phone credits. Same with me, I didn’t have too. She asked Christianti, but Christianti only had 2 RM on her phone. Hahhahahaa.
Olivia panicked, and she decided to buy some credits. But, we didn’t find it. Then, Olivia only sent text message to her mother and asked her to get online on facebook. It would be easier.
Because tired of waiting, we went to Berjaya Times Square Mall for look around and shopping. We only need to walk a bit from Lowyat.

Hey, we found a big snow doll there. Hahahahaa. Really reminded me of Christmas. Can wait for that!
We took pictures with this doll. And Christianti took a picture of me, look like I was kissing that doll. Hahahaa

After that, we went to Hat Attack (hat shop). I found a big pink hat there. Really cute. I wanted to buy that, but it’s too expensive. And where I’ll use that hat if I buy that. So, I just took a picture with that hat. Cute hat right? :D

Then, we decided to go to Secret Recipes. A famous and really delicious cake shop. But before that, i bought 3 vintage rings! this is the picture. which one do you like? i love the frog much! >.< Heheheehehehhehhehehehehhhehehehehhehehe

Back to Secret Recipes. I bought Yogurt Cheese cake, and Christianti bought Chocolate cake. Olivia was still full, so she only ordered the drink.  Suddenly, Olivia’s mother told her to buy camera today.

So, after finished, we went back to Olivia’s house by LRT, to take her money.
Do you know what happened again? Olivia separated from us. There were so many people there. When the train came, I and Christianti entered to train, and we thought that Olivia did it too. But, we didn’t see her. Then, I sent message from Blackberry Messager to her. She asked me where we are. I said that we were already in train. You know what? SHE WAS STILL IN TRAIN STATION. Hahahahhahaa. Crazy right? Hmm. I asked her to wait other train there.
Finally, we reached the last station, and we were waiting for Olivia. Few minutes later, Olivia came, then we went to her house.
After all, we went back to Lowyat by taxi (really tired to use train, because we have to walk again after we reach the station). Finally, Olivia bought the camera (second type, for student) and we went home.

Really, what a long long long day! Tired? Yes. Hahahhaa
But it doesn’t matter, because now we can take the pictures from the real camera, because during here, we just took the pictures use hand phone camera. I didn’t bring my camera digital from Indonesia L

I really happy now, because I can open my blog again, post this thing, and do you know what? I got notifications from my lookbook, hahha. Yes, I just registered to that website  on 19 November. There are some people hype on my photos :p

Actually, I’m a newbie from that website. I hope, I can develop it again, because now, I can take real picture from Olivia’s camera hehehee. Olivia knows about the fashion, and she just learned about make-up from her aunt. Christianti knows about hair-do, like braid, and she knows about make-up too. So, I can ask help from them. How lucky I am. Really love them so much. 
long long day and long story from me right? hahahahaa

Oh yeah, wanna see my lookbook? You can open here:
Sorry, I’m a beginner, so my photos are poor :(
But I’m happy, even though you just open and look at my photos there hehehhee
Thank you for visiting my blog, hope you enjoy my blog and do leave a comment yaah! >.<


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