Quantitative Skills

7:51 AM

hello everyone!
how was your day? did you enjoy your day? i hope so ^^
hmm, today i did so many things, even tough i just woke up at 1 p.m
and that's why, i and my roommate (Christianti) skipped Quantitative skills (QSS)  morning class. actually, we have QSS test tomorrow for the last chapter, but the last and the most difficult chapter.
really lazy to study, but, we must study TT__TT

sooo, i'll tell you about something crazy that we did this morning. when we woke up, we were hungry. so we decided to go to eat in new building, in Sri Petaling (Kuala Lumpur). then, we took a bath and went to there. there are so many restaurant, boutique, yogurt shop, etc. actually, today was our second time go there, so we didn't know anything. hahahhaa
after we looked around, we were really confuse. then, we decided to go to Padi Restaurant, because so many people went to that restaurant. (PS: first time for us, because when first time we went there, we ate in Pan Mee Resto). 
we looked at the menu, wow, western foods. we ordered Dry Chili Chicken (me) and Sweet Sour Chicken (Christianti), and Coca Cola for our drinks. Yummy!!

(Dry Chili Chicken, i've eaten half :p)

After that, we wanted to buy something for our sister, Kak Leii. She had BBQ birthday party this night. so, we wanted give her something special, but we were confused what we had to buy. We went to gift shop, and bought Santa Clause Box with special birthday greeting, hahahahahaa

(bear gift bag)

(santa box)

(our crazy greeting card)


you still remember right, that we have qss test tomorrow, so after we reached home, we studied together. our friends (Ivan Siahaan and Stacy Aridru) came to our house. Ivan as the teacher. hahahaa. okay, she, no i mean he, hahahaa. he has good skill in this subject. so, we asked him, to teach us. actually, we only had time until 8 p.m, bcause we would go to kak leii's birthday party, so we will continue our study after reach home and tomorrow morning before test (test at 2 p.m.)

(our room, really full of paper)

(Ivan, Christianti, and Stacy)

(me, goin crazy)

then, at 8 p.m we went to bbq birthday party. now, i just reach home. and we will continue study for test. wish us luck! fightingg!! hehhehee


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