Friday, December 9, 2011

christmas is coming to the town

waaaaa long timee not write on this blog hehe
today's 9th of December 2011. YEAH! IT'S DECEMBER ALREADY 
santa clause santa clause is comin to town
21st december comes faster pleaseee, i wanna go homee homee homee, really miss my family much much >.<
actually, i just passed 3 module exams. so, one more to goo. last exam on 12th December. 
i really happy, bcause i could pass my previous exams smoothly, hope the result will make me smilee ;)
Thank so much to Jesus Christ, i know He always besides me. i really really love love Him ;)

hmmm,, i just reached home. i and Christianti (my craziest roommate) went to Berjaya Times Square. we did fast shopping there hahahhahaaa
because the christmas will coming soon, almost all shopping malls here have Christmas Theme. yap! there are Christmas tree, Santa Clause, Giant Gifts, Giant Bell, Deer, and other Christmas things. wowoooo really makes me wanna go home right now XD
and taraaaaaaaa, this is a picture that we had taken in Berjaya Times Square Mall, Kuala Lumpur ;)

(really a big Christmas Tree)



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