11:02 PM

yesterday is 12th of December, yess, i love that date, that's my birthday dateee
huaahh, say hello to 18 Years Old, ohmygod, i'm older than beforee

i received so many birthday greetingss from my friends and my family
i captured some of them ^^

(From my lovely Gazzeles-XII Science 4, Senior High School, SMAN1Banjarbaru)
miss all of youu, guysss :**

(From my senior high school friends, my family and friends from Indonesia, and my family from KL)

thankyousomuch for all wishes, i really happy ^^
actually, i wanna post this yesterday, but, i was sick yesterday. how pity, sick when birthday T__T
oh yeahh, i have passed all of the exams, yeah!! wanna go home as soon as possible hahhaaa
ticket is in my hand nowww, see youu Indonesiaaaaaaa on 21st December! :**


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  1. Happy birthday.
    Love from Singapore.