happy holy sunday

8:32 AM

happy sunday everybody
oops, it's already monday right? yeeeep, it's already 00.20 o'clock here, in Kuala Lumpur
yaaaaaaa, i went back to KL last 4th February, to continue my study heree, i wish i can go back to Indonesia as soon as possible, i'm waiting for next long holidays :p
now, you can see, how i love Indonesia muchh, especially South Borneo hahahaha
long time not write in my blog, yess, suddenly i felt so lazy to post, but i don't know why, today i feel like i wanna write something hereee :P
sooo, how was your weekend guys? 

my weekend? i woke up late, yes because holidays hahahhaaaa
do you know what? after church, i was feeling that i want french fries, then we went to McD to buy french fries in Large size hahahhaa
then, we bought macaroons and go diva chocolate in kozet cafe :3
anddd youu know whaat? after that, we ate yogurt, hahahahahaa unbelievable 

( yogurt with 4 toppings, macaroons, and chocolate, how lovely )

okaayy, now i wanna go bed and sleep, because i have afternoon class today, hoaaaamm
good night people, have a nice dream and nice monday! fighting!! 

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