see you next

2:27 AM

helloooo anyonee
actually, i'm in sad condition right noww. My roomate (Christianti) went back to Indonesia and decided will not go back to study in Kuala Lumpur. huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T__T
and last 7th March, we went to airport and hard to say goodbye 

But, the day before she went back, we (me, Christianti, Tabita, and Ivan) went to Sunway Pyramid to shoot some pictures.
we're gonna miss youu Christianti Karmelia Kuhon, hope we can meet again in another chance :')

(Christianti, Tabita, and Me)

(at Sunway Pyramid)

(still at Sunway Pyramid)

(ivan, me, christianti, tabita)

before she went back, we decided to give her something. and we bought a photo frame with the photos of us :D

(finally, at airport T_T)

so sad because you leave us, sad because your decision. but, what can we do? :(
just wish you all the best there, and don't forget us. we'll never forget someone like youu ;)
see you next time, and keep your promise that you'll visit us soon! :**


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