23 May

10:54 AM

Special Happy Birthday for my lovely and super MOM
how i love my mom so much, and how lucky i am, have a mother like her 
thank you for being a very loving and caring mother from my birth until now
thank you for being my guide and my guardian
thank you for being a strong mother for me, Ricky, and Alvin
thank you for being an extraordinary wife for Dad
we do love you so much, mom :)
having a mother like you is the best gift i have received from God
wishing all the best for you, i'll always pray for you from here. i miss you mom :')


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  1. Though she doesn't know me, tell her happy birthday!!!

    I followed your blog! So cool! Follow mine please! How do you get music on your blog? Mine doesn't have any. I made a story about a mustahe in honnor of your post. (Sorry I'm messing words up. I'm rushing)!

    1. thankyou :)
      hey, i can't open your blog, what's wrong? hhehe