Thursday, June 14, 2012


hellooo guyss!! how are youuu, hope you all good like me ;)
eh no, actually 2 days ago, i was sick, headache and fever, i think it was because of rain.
i can't get just a little rain, the day after it, i'm surely sick. how childish!

but, it's doesn't matter for me, since i was sick when i'm home, haha
yeaay, i'm in Indonesia already. meet my super daddy, lovely mommy, brothers everyday.
i do love my family much! and i'm sure, all of you know the feeling when i met them! hehe
super happy!

i'm on my holidays now, and will go back to Kuala Lumpur in the beginning of September. TIME PLEASE DON'T PASS QUICKLY! xD
3 months home, i will not get bored

so guys, are you on your holidays too?
let's enjoy our holidays!



  1. Yeah. Outta school. I'm so sorry you were sick! I have a cough. I need an enhaler. I had something worse, but it's all gone now.

    1. sorry to hear that dear, but now, everything is okay right? :D
      it's good then xD

  2. Yes, I am fine now. But how do you change the little picture thing next to where the blog address thing is? Like where you put the little heart. Yeah, how do you do it?

    1. ooo, you can put the picture like that too. open your design, then layout, and you can see Favicon in left up side. edit it, and upload your picture :DD

  3. OHH! THANK YOU!!! you are so awesome!!!

  4. love new song! i love "call me mabey"!

  5. ooo! and please follow my blog! i just subscribed to yours!
    yes, i post random.

    1. yes, call me maybe is a cool song :D
      already follow your blog babe
      and, i love your blog, nice one! heheee
      also already read your post ^^ nice story hahahaa

  6. hi there, i just followed your blog cause i think its lovely <3
    do you mind to follow me back? :)