Florist Crown

8:12 AM

hellooo peopleee, jessica is backk!!! hahaaa
after long timeeee, finally i decided to open and write a new post xD
actually, i'm home right now, but only for 5 days, because my sister's wedding, so i have to go back.
assignmentssss, so many assignmentssssss!! arghh!! also class test! they are driving me crazy T_T

a wedding?
gown, high heels, party, lovely, beautiful, makeup, CROWN!
yaaa, my post today will discuss about crown, florist crown!
i will use a florist crown on that day, heheheeee
so, i made 2 florist crowns with my lovely aunty, and taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,, well donee!!
so, let me introduce to you, my new babies, Greenish White Crown and Aquamarine Pearl Crown

Greenish White Crown, 100% HOMEMADE
Aquamarine Pearl Crown, 100% HOMEMADE

My Twin

It's easy to make, you just need wire, glue, fabric flowers, and ribbon or pearl. Let's try them at home :D

One more thing, yesterday i got and bought a galaxy patterned shirt from Insight!!! how it really made my dayyy, so happyyyyyyyyyy ^^

Super big thankss to Insight! :*
and alsoo, i got this cute blackberry caseeee, hahahaa

thanks LolyPoly <3

i will go back to KL on Monday, huaaaaa time flies so fast!!!!
so people, wish you have a super weekend!!


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