8:38 PM

here's with me again, wearing cat printed shirt again. i currently just fall in love with animal printed shirt, and this red skirt is too lovable to wear!! <3

Cat printed shirt - Super T
Shoes - Fladeo

i'm in Kuala Lumpur right now, need to study again, hiks. say hello to my real life!



4:07 AM

hollaaaa people! today i want to post my outfit! i just bought cat printed shirts yesterday! and today, i match them with my lovely red skirt, red bowler hat, and my newest stocking tattoo! i just didn't have a chance to wear that stocking, and today i can wear it! loveeeee <3

Cat Shirt - Super T
Red Skirt - Random Shop (Kuala Lumpur)
OMG Stocking Tattoo - Random Shop (Kuala Lumpur)
Ribbon Black Shoe - Nvd
Red Bowler Hat - Lovastuffs

oh ya, last week i got a illustration drawing from Jessica Xu!! She's such a very talented girl!! how lucky me!! >.<


Happy Chinese New Year

9:44 AM

OMG! long timeee no writee here! hahaa suddenly i miss my blog >.<
hello people? how's ur day in this Chinese new year? good?? 
i was doing good since there were so many foods and families around me! i'm home now, just done my final exam last week, and flew back to Indonesia, my hometown, a day after exam LOL
Too fast?? don't caree xD

so, here's my outfit today for Chinese New Year, got bowler hat package from Lovastuff with very cheap price, only 50k (exclude shipping cost) >.<
people, this is not for Christmas hahaaa.. but the sock with santa inside is only the room' decoration >.<

(sorry for this messy room >.<)

Dress - Brands Outlet (Kuala Lumpur)
Blazer Cardi - Random Shop
Red Bowler Hat - Lova Stuffs

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone, have a nice day! <3